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Aaron Glasson is a New Zealand born Artist now based in Southern California. His diverse portfolio consists of participatory installations, murals, paintings, illustration, sculpture and film. 

Much of Glassons career as an artist has been devoted to exploring ideas around community engagement, ecology and connectivity. He has also worked with numerous environmental/ social justice efforts such as PangeaSeed, Sea Shepherd, Amplifier Foundation, the United Nations, StArt India, Feeding America, as well as various schools and educational institutions.  He is interested not only in the conceptual and technical aspects of art making but the practical applications of it in public space.  

After decades of figurative work Glasson recently made the shift to abstraction and investigating more ecologically responsible ways of making art. This has forced him to resurface ancient ways of painting and building but also lead to experiments in creating new methods. Following an idea that the material guides

the maker his ongoing series of abstract paintings and sculptures uses soley non-toxic, lowimpact materials such as reclaimed matter, plant dyes, and paint he makes from found pigment. As well as creating work in public spaces Glasson has been exhibiting internationally in galleries and museums since 2009. Most recently, in 2019, he was a part of a group show at the East Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art titled "Kindred Spirits."  In February 2021 he had his first U.S solo exhibition titled" Honest Meditations" at Swish Projects in San Diego.

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