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Over the decades my artistic practice, professional career, and creative community have grown inextricable and serve to bring people together, to create art, that brings people together.


I am fueled by this power of co-creation and with this i co founded one of San Francisco’s most loved design and fabrication studios. One Hat One Hand, where we create intricate worlds and unusual structures, innovative properties and interactive installations using every material and process imaginable.


As Creative Director and as an artist of many mediums and practices, i allow every step of the creative process from design to construction, installation to event production to act as a platform to execute dynamic creations, bringing them to life on a large scale through highly collaborative experiences that fosters community.


I draw from the Circle, Square and Triangle for inspiration. 


The building blocks of play, these three shapes have throughout the ages explored independent of each other and as a trio represented as one, a story we all have shared.A cross cultural interaction that is at once surprising and familiar. With a feeling of satisfaction from finding the unexpected, the circle, square, and triangle  return us to the simplistic wonder of childhood. Three simple elements stripped down to their most basic features yet assembled in infinitely novel ways tell our vivid universal story. One that explores the alchemical sciences, philosophy, gender, and spirituality while providing language to communicate the simple yet complex exploration of structure and space.

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